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Sant Jordi’s Play at Paco Candel School 2014

The parents’ association (AFA) at Escola Paco Candel presented a play about Saint George and the dragon to the children on La Diada de Sant Jordi, 23rd April, 2014. The video also appears on AFA PAco Candel’s blog, and at YouTube.

Estem molt contents de poder mostrar-vos la representació de Sant Jordi que les famílies vam fer amb una gran illusió pels nens i nenes de l’escola Paco Candel.


Video about CLOMMUNITY Project

Check out the video explaining the concept behind realizing clouds in community networks.

The CLOMMUNITY project aims at addressing the obstacles for communities of citizens in bootstrapping, running and expanding community-owned networks that provide community services organised as community clouds. That requires solving specific research challenges imposed by the requirement of: self-managing and scalable decentralized infrastructure services for the management and aggregation of a large number of widespread low-cost unreliable networking, storage and home computing resources; distributed platform services to support and facilitate the design and operation of elastic, resilient and scalable service overlays and user-oriented services built over these underlying services, providing a good quality of experience at the lowest economic and environmental cost.

Here is a shorter version with the animation video.